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    “When I tell people about the way I grew up, they never believe me.  They always think we should have rebelled or
    something.  But does a kid born into a circus ask why he’s being thrown from the trapeze?  No.   He just thinks it’s
    normal.  If you love your family, it’s like Mom said, you just do the best you can ... and pray that your worst
    nightmares never come true.”
- - 11 year old Chance Arno


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    They’re your next door neighbors, your friends, your co-workers or classmates ... but do you really know them?
    COVER ME: BASED ON THE TRUE LIFE OF AN FBI FAMILY is a new original one-hour drama for USA Network created,
    executive produced and scribed by one of television’s most innovative producers, Shaun Cassidy.  New episodes
    will air Sundays at 8:00 PM ET/PT and brings you into the lives of the Arnos, Arnatellos or Arnsteins -- whatever
    they are calling themselves this week -- a family working undercover for the FBI.

    COVER ME: BASED ON THE TRUE LIFE OF AN FBI FAMILY is a darkly funny, purely riveting concept that would be
    hard to believe ... if not for the fact that it’s based on a true story.  Danny (Peter Dobson, Norma Jean and Marilyn)
    is a world class FBI agent who loves his family so much that in order to protect them, ironically, he chooses to
    enlist them in the extremely dangerous world of mob infiltration -- instead of shielding them.  The challenge for
    Danny and his wife Barbara (Melora Hardin, Absolute Power), is raising three regular teenagers in this highly
    irregular situation.  For now, the cheerleading squad, school dances and the football team must take a back seat
    to nabbing narcotics thieves and thwarting international espionage.   Incurable romantic 16-year old Celeste
    (Cameron Richardson), outspoken 15-year old Ruby (Antoinette Picatto) and mischievous 11-year old Chance
    (Michael Angarano) round out the family as the teenagers who must adjust to this unusual lifestyle.



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